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  • Ambassadors Soccer Camp

    Are you looking for a summer camp for your soccer enthusiast (whether recreational or premiere level) that offers excellent coaching and is centered on principles found in God's Word? If so, we invite your child to attend Ambassadors Soccer Camp.

  • Invite a Friend to VBC!

    Parkside kids—invite your friends to VBC! A PERSONAL invitation is the BEST invitation.

  • Thank You Basics 2017

    This week, we had the privilege of hosting over 1,200 pastors and Christian workers at our annual Basics Conference.

  • Basics Conference 2017

    Please help us prepare for this three-day event by praying for our speakers, attendees, volunteers, and Parkside team members as we come together to reflect on the challenges, responsibilities, and privileges that face the modern church.

  • Book Recommendation: Experiencing the Trinity

    It is one thing to know and understand different doctrinal truths about God and His character, but it is another thing to believe and experience how these truths affect our daily lives.

  • Can You Help?

    With the start of our annual Basics Conference right around the corner, our facilities team needs 38 volunteers to help with setup on Sunday, May 7 at 12:45 pm.

  • A Talk on Biblical Friendship

    Friendship: it’s one of the simplest of human relationships in comparison to marriage or family relationships, yet it’s one of the least understood and practiced.

  • Easter at Parkside

    You're invited to join us at Parkside as we honor and celebrate the message and meaning of Christ Jesus' death and resurrection.

  • Vacation Bible Camp Skit Auditions

    If you've ever been called a "drama queen" or your friends say you "light up a room when you enter," we invite you to come to our Upward Bound skit team auditions on April 9th.

  • Volunteer for Basics

    Each year, nearly 1,000 men come together for three days in May for the Basics Conference hosted by Pastor Alistair Begg at Parkside Church in Bainbridge.