Welcome to Sojourners, an adult ministry providing opportunities for Relationships, Service & Outreach.

From March through December we offer events that emphasize one or more of those priorities. Events are usually held at Parkside on Friday evenings every 4-8 weeks but, occasionally activities are held off-site as well.

Come and join us!

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  • Life on the Row - Cleveland's Euclid Avenue


    On Oct. 20, at 6:30pm in the Commons, join Daniel Ruminski, Cleveland’s Storyteller, for dinner and stories about Cleveland’s best-known millionaires. Cost is $10.

  • Aug

    "How to Study the Bible" with Nick Spurgeon

    Is studying the Bible that important? Does everyone have the ability to do it, or is it only for pastors, scholars and those specially trained? Are there ways to make studying the Bible easier?

    Learn how to get more out of your personal Bible reading and study on Friday, August 18. Dinner will be served in the Venue at 6:30 pm, followed by a presentation from Pastor Nick Spurgeon. Cost is $10.


  • Jul

    Let's Talk Technology Workshop & Dinner 2017

    Let’s Talk Technology was created for the purpose of engaging people of all ages in Christian fellowship around subjects that touch their daily lives. The last Technology Night event brought 130 people together to learn about many topics and get answers to their questions. This year's event will be even better.

    *Attendees will learn how to care for the precious photos that they are taking with their smartphones and tablets. These devices are always ready when you want to snap that picture of family and friends. But what do you do with those photographs? You want to look at them. You want to share them. But how? What happens to your photos if your phone is lost or broken? We will answer all those questions for you next week. Technology experts will show you how to use your own phones, tablets and laptops to care for those priceless photos.

    *We will have a Google Certified instructor teaching at the workshop.



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