Welcome to Sojourners, a ministry for anyone in the second half of life.  We believe that now is the time to hit full stride in our Christian walks- passing on the lessons we've learned, continuing to grow and change, and setting an example for the next generation.

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  • Apr

    Biblical Friendships Dinner with Jonathan Holmes

    Friendship: it’s one of the simplest of human relationships in comparison to marriage or family relationships, yet it’s one of the least understood and practiced. For all of our progress in making connections through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, people are consistently experiencing loneliness and growing disenchanted with the whole notion of friendship.

  • Mar

    Sojourners/GEO Kidz Pancake Breakfast

    Join us for the first Sojourners event of 2017! Adults in the second of life are invited to a free pancake breakfast on Saturday, March 18 provided by the kids and parents involved in our GEO Kidz ministry. The breakfast will take place at 9am in The Venue.

    Please RSVP to Renee to attend.

  • Dec

    Sojourners Christmas Celebration 2016

    Adults of all ages are invited to come for a festive time of Christmas celebration on Friday, December 2nd at 6:30 pm in The Commons. Bonnie Cook and friends will lead us through a presentation of Christ's birth using word and song, featuring guest vocalist Joni McFarland.



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