The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Wes and Nancy are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

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  • Collins Family October 2017 Prayer Requests

    1. The last week of the course I am teaching in Peru will be taught online from North Carolina, using some kind of face-time software. The course ends October 9. This is a first for me, and it may have repercussions for taking training far beyond the traditional classroom I presently have six students studying to be Bible translators.

    2. After eight years of exclusively teaching latinos and gringos, SIL is sponsoring a linguistics introductory course for South American Indians who are working as Bible translators and literacy promotores. Dates are still flexible, but we’re starting to work on budget and curriculum. Pray that we give students what they need for translating into their own language.

  • Collins Family September 2017 Update

    Download the Collins September 2017 Update with photos here.

    Dear Friends,

    Greetings from Lima, Peru. Nancy isn’t with me this trip. She and her sisters have been helping her mom, who just went through cancer surgery. She’s doing well. She starts 28 days of chemo on the 18th. She’s 89 and pretty spry.

    I’m teaching a course called Discourse Analysis, which is a new course for us here at CILTA. In linguistics, discourse studies have to do with how to create and understand well formed arguments, stories, sermons, discussions, and any other conglomeration of words meant to communicate with others, be they listeners or readers—or even signers.

    In Bible translation, this is complicated by the presence of at least three languages and their subsequent rules for good discourse. First there is our own language and the way we put things together in ordered fashion. Then there is the discourse structure of the original—either Greek or Hebrew. Then there is the “receiving culture,” those who receive and read the discourse. If you are interested in pursuing this, look at chapters 13 and 17 of Acts, where the Apostle Paul takes local culture and discourse and argument structure into consideration as he writes to two different audiences, Hebrew and Greek.

  • Collins Family September 2017 Prayer Requests

    1. CILTA second semester has just gotten started. Students have a heavy load of classes. Pray for their motivation and understanding. Students come frm Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica and the US (engaged to an Argentine).

    2. Several students and class assistants are from Venezuela. They are heartbroken and deeply concerned about the situation in their home county. Yet the Venezuelan church continues to train and send young people into the field as Bible translators and cross-cultural workers. Pray for peace and rescue for their country.

The Collins Family

Wes & Nancy

Wes and Nancy are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

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