The Collins Family

The Collins Family

Wes and Nancy are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

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  • Collins Family April 2018 Update

    Dear and good friends,

    Greetings from Lima, Peru. Happiest Easter to you all. He is risen.

    I’m teaching a course in Phonology here at CILTA. Nancy isn’t with me this trip.

    Just to catch you up a bit. I have eight students and a teaching assistant from Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, and Mexico, from south to north.

  • Collins Family April 2018 Prayer Requests

    1. Pray for CILTA’s class of 8 native Spanish-speaking missionary candidates, training in linguistics for effective cross-cultural ministry. Pray for Wes as he teaches a course in Phonology, the study and comparison of language systems around the world. Also pray for a great relationship with his students and for friendship and discipleship that go beyond the classroom.

    2. Pray that our students maintain healthy relationships among each other. The training is pretty intense, and there are stressful issues related to studies, finances, future ministry and other unknowns. Students really appreciate your prayers.



  • Collins Family March 2018 Prayer Requests

    1. CILTA powers up on March 19 with students and staff from eight countries. Wes is teaching Phonology, a course needed in order to help develop alphabets for languages not yet written. Pray that the students adapt well to life in Lima for the next 9 months. They will be among new acquaintances, new studies and new challenges. May God give them strength and trust in Him.

    2. Pray that the Latin American Church would stand behind their young people headed into cross-cultural ministry. Many of these churches don’t have much history of supporting missions. There are loads of issues to consider—educating missionary children, learning other languages well, staying healthy, maintaining contact with their sending churches, continued studies, learning helpful technology and on and on. Many partnerships exist to help get new people to the field and active in ministry.

The Collins Family

Wes & Nancy

Wes and Nancy are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

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