The Ross Family

The Ross Family

Mike and Joan Ross are missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship serving in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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  • Nov

    Ross Family November 2016 Prayer Requests

    1. Praise God for the translation of the Jesus Film into the Mixteco dialect of Amoltepec. Pray for the church leaders as they agree on how to use the film to share the Good News in their communities.

    2. Pray for safety in their flying as they transition from rainy season to dealing with lots of wind. Pray that their efforts to serve the Mixteco people of Amoltepec will result in open doors for the Gospel.

  • Oct

    Ross Family October 2016 News

    Dear Friends,

    Greetings from Mexico. 

    We are thankful that Mike was issued a Permanent Resident visa for Mexico last month. Joan was issued one last year so now we will not need to repeat the annual process of visa renewal. We are also grateful that Mike passed his annual Mexican flight physical so he will be able to continue flying.

    Our team here has committed to helping eleven Pastors and Christian leaders from Amoltepec come out to Oaxaca from October 10-13. They will be participating in a workshop at our local church where they will learn to preach through a book of the Bible. Please pray that this will be an encouragement to each of them in their ministry in Amoltepec.

    Several members from our team will be traveling to the city of Tapachula along the Guatemalan border to participate in a Pastor's Conference sponsored by Equipping Servants Internship from October 20-23. Pray that the conference will be a big encouragement to the 100 plus pastors expected to attend. Pray for safe travels. Many will be traveling more than 10 hours each way.

    Amos and Mike continue to be the only pilots and mechanics. Pray for wisdom as they make decisions on which flights can be done safely and which flights need to be turned down.

    Thanks again for your prayers,

    Mike & Joan

  • Oct

    Ross Family October 2016 Ministry Update

    Dear Parkside Friends,

    Thank you for partnering together in the Gospel with us in Oaxaca, Mexico. We count it a privilege to work alongside a great Mexican team serving some of the neediest people in Oaxaca. Our flying with Mission Aviation Fellowship opens doors for the Gospel in isolated indigenous communities and provides opportunities to encourage new believers who face open opposition to their faith.

    As a team we do multiple flights on a daily basis. We collaborate with the Oaxacan government to move critically ill patients to the hospital in the City of Oaxaca. Our Chaplain, who is also a trained Social Worker, accompanies the patient in the ambulance from the airport to the hospital and advocates for the patient while praying with and witnessing to the family. We often receive invitations to visit the patients in their home back in their communities once they are released from the hospital.

    One of the special opportunities we have is to work alongside indigenous pastors like Pedro, Galvino, Ciprio and Gaudencio. They are able to speak the heart language of the people and share the Gospel in culturally appropriate ways. Since ESI started in Mexico we have desired to find a way to use it to help these men. We have been meeting with these men on a regular basis using a modified ESI program to equip and encourage them in ministry.

    Dental teams and Work teams from Parkside have been instrumental in helping these indigenous pastors make contacts in communities otherwise closed to the Gospel. The small town of Colonia de Jesus only had a handful of Christians. The community at large was opposed to them meeting together however they were open to having a Parkside Dental Team visit. After the team spent several days working and showing God’s love to the people the Christians were allowed to meet together and build a small church.

    Eight years ago we were invited to help participate in a new church plant. We are thankful that evangelistic Bible studies have borne fruit and it continues to grow. We started out meeting in a back yard then moved to renting a party center on Sunday mornings and then moved into another facility which we can use throughout the week. Pray for opportunities to reach out to our neighborhood. We just recently started a new church plant. Pray that it would grow and flourish.

    Pray for our aging parents who are at the point in their lives where they need assistance. We are so thankful for family who step up and help out in our absence. We are thankful for our boys (Steve, Ben and Aaron) and their families.

    Love in Jesus Christ,

    Mike & Joan

The Ross Family

Mike and Joan

Mike and Joan Ross are missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship serving in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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