The James Family

The James Family

Kep and Debbie James work with SIM in Bolivia's capital city.

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  • James Family October 2017 Update

    Greetings from Bolivia!

    We trust you are well. Attached is our October 2017 UPDATE. We especially value your prayers for the upcoming Equipping Servants (ESI) pastors conferences in Bogota and Loja.

    Thank you for praying for us.

    Kep and Debbie

  • James Family October 2017 Prayer & Praise

    • Pray for the many new ESI (Equipping Servants Internship) groups in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, in Temuco, Chile and in Bogota, Colombia. There is great enthusiasm about studying the Word of God. So many church leaders have recognized the terrible consequences in their churches and in their own lives from abandoning the Bible over recent years. Pray for gospel impact in lives, marriages, families, ministries, churches and cities in these new regions as pastors and church leaders commit to study the Bible together.

    • Pray for the ESI “Fundamentos” pastors conference in Bogota (October 12-14) on the topic of Discipleship.

    • Pray for the ESI Fundamentos pastors conference in Loja, Ecuador oct 17-21 on the topic of Biblical Counseling.

  • James Family September 2017 Update

    Greetings from Bolivia.

    I returned yesterday from visiting our three ESI (Equipping Servants) pastoral training groups in Montevideo. The work is moving ahead well, and I'm encouraged.

    Also we hear good reports from the 200 new participants who began ESI last month in Temuco region of Chile. We value your prayers for continuing gospel impact in many lives as men and women set about to study God's Word.

The James Family

Kep & Debbie

Kep and Debbie James work with SIM in Bolivia's capital city.