The James Family

The James Family

Kep and Debbie James work with SIM in Bolivia's capital city.

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  • Nov

    James Family November 2016 Update

    Warm greetings from La Paz.

    Attached is our November Update -- some thoughts from Revelation 3:8, report on my recent trip to visit our ESI pastoral training groups in Mexico, and our son Andrew's ordination at Parkside Church on October 23. Please pray for the next few weeks as we train pastors from Bogota wanting to start ESI in Colombia, as well as pastors from Cajamarca, Peru.

    Thank you for partnering with us in ministry through your prayers,

    Kep and Debbie

  • Oct

    James Family October 2016 Update

    Hi from Bolivia!

    Thank you for praying for us and our ministry in Bolivia and around Latin America.

    I'll be visiting our Equipping Servants groups in Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico over the next couple weeks. Please pray that we will mutually encourage one another to press forward in the Lord and the great task before us.

    Our pastor conferences in La Paz and Santa Cruz, Bolivia and Huanuco, Peru were a tremendous encouragement to many pastors and church leaders. In Santa Cruz one of our Equipping Servants leaders told this story:

    During one of the ESI meetings earlier this year, a pastor in his group said something that deeply impacted all of them. This man had been a tough miner, very active in anti-government demonstrations -- he would often place sticks of dynamite on his body to show the government how serious he was about the issues they were protesting. Then one day the Lord called him to faith in Christ and eventually into pastoral ministry among his fellow miners. This particular day when their ESI group was discussing Romans 3 and 4 about what Jesus did and why the gospel is such good news, this miner-pastor started to cry and said, 'This truth means I've been lying to people all these years. I've been leading people to believe that the Christian life and eternity depend on their own hard work and trying to be righteous by their own effort'. That day he came to understand that Jesus is our righteousness -- and it moved the entire group very deeply.

    Thank you for praying for us and the work here. Also please pray for Debbie who is leading two women's conferences over the next two weeks.

    Thank you!

    Kep and Debbie

  • Sep

    James Family September 2016 Update

    Download the James Family September 2016 Update with photos here.

    Hi from Bolivia!

    Attached is our September 2016 Update in pdf. We've included family photos including Shae Ross (our grandchild #5 born in August). Andrew and Angie's plans to leave for Uruguay to plant churches. And a report on our recent Equipping Servants pastor/church leader conferences in Bolivia and Peru.

    Thank you for praying!

    Kep and Debbie James

The James Family

Kep & Debbie

Kep and Debbie James work with SIM in Bolivia's capital city.