The James Family - Uruguay

The James Family - Uruguay

Andrew and Angie James work in Bolivia.

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  • Andrew & Angie James April 2017 Prayer Requests

    Thanks for praying for the kids as they began classes. Both of them had a remarkable sense of peace the first day of school. Nicole has since made several friends and has already been invited to a birthday party and to other social events. Camille is still struggling with Spanish but is doing well overall. It's amazing to see how school has already opened doors to friendships with other parents.

    Please pray that God would continue to bless us with friendships and empower us to faithfully share Christ.

    One of the main prayer requests is that God would continue to guide us with regards to ministry opportunities. Some of the opportunities we had considered supporting for the first two years have fallen through, freeing up time to serve elsewhere. Please pray that God would lead us as we seek His wisdom in this area.



  • Andrew and Angie James March 2017 Prayer Requests

    * Nicole (6) and Camille (4) start school on March 6th (in Spanish). Please pray for them as they make this major transition. Nicole has basic skills in Spanish, but Camille knows very little. Please pray that they would adjust well to classes, learn the language, and make good friends. Also, pray that Angie and I would be able to make friends with some of the parents and have opportunities to share Christ with them.

    * As summer comes to an end, many of the ministries and activities at church are starting up again.Please pray that we would have wisdom to know which ministries to get involved in.

  • Commissioning Service for Andrew and Angie James

    Please join us at the evening service on October 23 as Andrew and Angie James are commissioned for the mission field.

The James Family - Uruguay

Andrew and Angie James

Andrew and Angie James work in Bolivia.