The James Family - Uruguay

The James Family - Uruguay

Andrew and Angie James are church planting missionaries in Uruguay with SIM.

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  • Andrew & Angie James December 2017 Prayer Requests

    * We are really encouraged about our Thursday Bible study. We have a steady group of participants, and have occasionally received visits from non-believers. Please pray that God would continue to send people our way and that He would use this ministry to reach unbelievers and encourage believers.

    * Please continue to pray for the salvation of the young people at Paso Carrasco. Though we continue to hold weekly Bible studies, most of them are not yet believers. Please pray especially for Mateo who – though not yet a believer – is growing in his interest to study God’s Word.

    * Please pray for housing. Our landlord wants to sell the house we are renting, and we will need to look for another option. Unfortunately, the rental process in Uruguay is a bit complex and there are few options for people making a foreign income. Please pray that we would find a housing option suitable to our needs.

  • Andrew & Angie James November 2017 Update

    Dear friends,

    We hope this finds you well! We wanted to take a minute to give you a brief update on life and ministry in Uruguay – it’s crazy to think we will have been here an entire year on October 26th!

    • The kids are doing well. They continue to perfect their Spanish, make friends, and adjust to life in Uruguay. At first we were a bit nervous about putting them in the public school system (because of negative comments we had heard); however, the longer we are here, the more the school exceeds our expectations.

    • Although Angie and I have had “ups” and “downs” this last year, we have really been encouraged how God has answered our prayers and blessed us with amazing new friendships – both with believers and non-believers. We are really thankful for your prayers!

    • Angie continues to lead a weekly Bible study with women. She completed Ephesians and has recently started James. It’s been great to see how this time in God’s Word has served to strengthen Angie’s relationship with some of the women and build up their faith.

    • I (Andrew) continue to lead an ESI (Equipping Servants) class with a group of young people. Several people have since dropped out (which is normal), but I am really encouraged to see what God is doing in the lives of those who have continued. Please continue to pray that God would use this training to rise up a new generation of leaders who love the Lord and are committed to His Word.

    • We continue to lead the weekly Bible study with unbelievers at Paso Carrasco. At first we were thinking this location might be a good site for a future church plant. However, the more we pray about it, the more we sense we should move in a different direction. That being said, we hope to continue holding Bible studies weekly (at least for the time being) and ask that you support us in prayer for the salvation of: Mateo, Matias, Jona, Agustin, Lazaro, Brayan, Alex, Melany, Estevan, Alexis, Christian, Cynthia, and Paola.

    • The most recent development is that we started a Bible Study in another part of town with the dream that it will eventually become the foundation of a future church plant. We have met several weeks and have been really encouraged that we now have a regular group of about 8 people. Please pray that God would make us faithful in sharing our faith, that He would give us boldness, and that God would use this group to bring the Gospel to those who desperately need it.

    • Additional prayer requests and praise:

    1) I (Andrew) was struggling with allergies but was recently able to get an appointment with an "allergy specialist" and have been greatly helped by the treatment.

    2) The owner of the house we are renting wants to sell the house. We don't have to move out immediately, but we probably need to starting thinking about alternative housing options. Please pray that God would give us wisdom in this regard.

    We really appreciate your partnership in the Gospel and your continued prayers!


    The James Family

  • Andrew & Angie James October 2017 Prayer Requests

    -Praise: After having severe allergies for about a year I finally went to an allergy specialist. He ran some tests on me and found that I am allergic to dust mites - apparently they are really bad here. He gave me some medicines and I have been feeling way better since.

    -Please continue to pray for the young people at Paso Carrasco and for the weekly Bible study. The young people continue to come, but most have not yet put their faith in Christ.

    -We have started another Bible study which we would eventually like to be the foundation for the church plant and have invited several people, but have had a hard time getting people to come. Please pray that God would give us grace to continue developing relationships and that He would open opportunities for gospel ministry.

    -Please continue to pray thatGod would contine to strengthen our faith, give us boldness, and give us wisdom to be a blessing to others.

The James Family - Uruguay

Andrew and Angie James

Andrew and Angie James are church planting missionaries in Uruguay with SIM.