The Harrington Family

The Harrington Family

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  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests March 2017

    * Please be in prayer for us, our church and friends as we approach the major transitions that happen during the month of March. This month is when all kids graduate from one grade and move up to the next. It is also a time where a lot of people move jobs and homes. Pray for all of the goodbyes we will experience. Pray for the conversations to be opportunities to point to Christ.

    * We thank the Lord for chances to share our faith and pray there may be more opportunities in the future. Pray also for the new friends we will be able to interact with in the coming months. Mark will be moving up a grade, while Lillia and Claire will be transferring schools. We pray it will be a smooth transition and great new friends for them to enjoy.

  • Harrington Family Ministry Update February 2017

    Two years ago we were just learning where we would be in Japan. Being in northern Japan was not our intention. We thought we would begin in Tokyo near the many language schools. God had other plans. We were not planning for Mark to go directly into Japanese elementary school or for Lillia to begin Japanese kindergarten, but God had other plans. As Jeff Mills likes to say, “Hold loosely onto your plans and hold tightly onto God.”

  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests February 2017

    * We praise the Lord for helping us as a family reach the halfway point of our first four year term here in Japan. God has poured such grace into our family during the ups and downs of these past two years.

    * We are thankful for the friends the Lord has put in our lives, with whom we have been able to recently get to know on a deeper level. Pray the gospel seeds which have been spread would grow to faith in the Lord.

  • Harrington Family December 2016 Prayer Letter

    Download the Harrington Family December 2016 Prayer Letter with photos here.

    Dear friends and family,

    Our hearts are full this Christmas with thankfulness to God. It's a joy to look back on this year and reminisce about God’s faithfulness. Early in the year we had our fourth child, Graham. His birth brought the unexpected blessing of needy-ness. We watched in awe as God met need after need by our new community. It deepened our relationships with our unbelieving friends and our church family.

  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests December 2016

    * Praise God for the new families who were able to get connected with our church through last month's Thanksgiving celebration. May these relationships continue to grow and bare fruit.

    * Please pray for our Christmas concert. May the Lord be preparing the hearts and minds of the people He will be bringing. The gospel was presented at the Thanksgiving celebration and will be also at the Christmas concert. Pray for the seeds that will be spread. May the Lord bring them to maturity.

  • Harrington Family November 2016 Prayer Requests

    * Please join in praying for the up coming holiday events. May many people from our kids schools be able to come. These events are great ways to build relationships and introduce friends to the gospel.

    * Also, pray for an English group that Leanne has been able to be a part of leading, while a fellow missionary is back in America. Praise the Lord she was asked to share why we would move our family to Japan by one of the ladies. May their hearts be softened to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

  • Harrington Family October 2016 Prayer Requests

    * Please pray for safe travels as our Tohoku (northern Japan) team gather for a retreat. May we be encouraged and strengthened through the word and each other.

    * Please also pray for us as we begin to think and pray about the transition out of full time language school into ministry. Pray for wisdom and discernment as we think through where the Lord is leading us for the last two years of our first term.

  • Harrington Family September 2016 Prayer Requests

    * We praise God for a wonderful month of summer break for our kids. We are grateful for the rest and time together.

    * Please continue to pray for the four families from our kids' schools who came to our church's VBS.

    * And please continue to be in prayer for the Japanese government and citizens of Japan with the decisions they have regarding possible changes to their constitution.

  • Harrington Family August 2016 Prayer Requests

    * Thank you Lord for the four families who were able to be a part of our church English day camp. Pray the gospel they heard would take hold in their heart. Pray also for continued relationship building with these friends.

    * Please be in prayer for the Japanese government and people as they consider changes to their constitution. These changes may include some loss of religious freedom.

  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests July 2016

    * Praise the Lord for a successful first year of language school for Chris. We are all still a long way away from being able to speak at the level we would like, but the Lord is bringing us along.

    * Pray for rest as we spend a week in the Tokyo area for the SEND Japan conference. May it be a great time reconnecting with teammates.

    * Pray for us as parents as we continue trying to point out kids to Christ. May the Lord be drawing is closer to himself and may he through that draw our children to him as well.