The Harrington Family

The Harrington Family

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  • Harrington Family September 2016 Prayer Requests

    * We praise God for a wonderful month of summer break for our kids. We are grateful for the rest and time together.

    * Please continue to pray for the four families from our kids' schools who came to our church's VBS.

    * And please continue to be in prayer for the Japanese government and citizens of Japan with the decisions they have regarding possible changes to their constitution.

  • Harrington Family August 2016 Prayer Requests

    * Thank you Lord for the four families who were able to be a part of our church English day camp. Pray the gospel they heard would take hold in their heart. Pray also for continued relationship building with these friends.

    * Please be in prayer for the Japanese government and people as they consider changes to their constitution. These changes may include some loss of religious freedom.

  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests July 2016

    * Praise the Lord for a successful first year of language school for Chris. We are all still a long way away from being able to speak at the level we would like, but the Lord is bringing us along.

    * Pray for rest as we spend a week in the Tokyo area for the SEND Japan conference. May it be a great time reconnecting with teammates.

    * Pray for us as parents as we continue trying to point out kids to Christ. May the Lord be drawing is closer to himself and may he through that draw our children to him as well.

  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests June 2016

    * Please be in prayer for Chris's language teacher, Toda-sensei. He enjoys bringing religious practices into some of the classroom discussion. Praise the Lord for the opportunities this has given Chris to be able to share Christ with his teacher. Pray for more opportunities and for the gospel to take root in Toda-sensei's heart.

    * Also please pray for Mark, as his English helper continues to decrease her hours of help for Mark. He is beginning to feel more and more of the difficulty of a lack of language understanding. Please pray for him as he enters into this new phase of cultural adjustment.

  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests May 2016

    * April was the start of a new school and fiscal year in Japan. Many families were relocated. Please pray for two of our friends and their families who were transferred: Satako (She and her husband are believers. Her husband was baptized the Sunday before they moved. Please pray for them to find a thriving church in their new city.) and Rei (We were the first Christians she had met. She began coming to church events last summer and is now looking for a church in her new city. Please pray that God would bring Christians into her life to continue to share the gospel with her.)

    * Also, please pray for God to give us wisdom on which relationships to pursue in this new school year.

    * Chris will be traveling to America for his brothers wedding towards the end of May. Please pray for safe travel, sweet times with family, and for Leanne and the kids while Chris is away.

  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests April 2016

    * Praise the Lord for the gift of family being able to visit and meet Graham! God has encouraged us through the visit of Chris' parents during the kids Spring break.

    * Pray for Mark as the new school year begins in the coming days. May he have strength as he moves up to the second grade.

    * Please continue to pray for us as a family as we settle into the new normal of being a family of 6! Praise the Lord!

  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests March 2016

    * Thank the Lord for a wonderful beautiful baby. The kids are overjoyed to welcome into the family their new sibling. Please pray for Leanne as she recovers from delivery and for us settling into our new normal of 4 kids.

    * Pray for language acquisition and relationships. It is looking like two of Leanne's friends are being relocated to another Japanese base. Please pray for gospel conversations before they move next month. And also pray for gospel connections in the areas they are moving to. May the Lord grow the seeds!

  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests February 2016

    * Praise the Lord for bringing multiple friends of ours to church events where they were able to here the gospel clearly presented in Japanese. Pray for these ladies who will be moving in the next couple months.

    * Pray for Leanne as she interacts with these women before they move. Pray that the seeds of the gospel will be planted well. That the Lord would open their eyes to the gospel in His timing.

    * Please also Pray for a healthy and smooth arrival of our newest addition to our family.

  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests January 2016

    It is amazing to think we have almost been here in Japan for a year now.

    Please pray for Leanne and the baby as we near the due date in early March.

    Please come along side us in asking the Lord for wisdom on what our ministry role looks like in this upcoming year. The Lord has blessed us with friends who desperately need to know about the saving grace of Jesus.

  • Harrington Family Prayer Requests December 2015

    Now that the holiday season has arrived there are many outreach opportunities to be able to invite friends to events where the Gospel will be shared. Pray for our friends hearts and minds to be softened for to hear the good news of Jesus’ birth.

    Pray also for wisdom on how to use our time, especially with this being our first holiday time in Japan.