Here I Stand

Morning Service
Oct 29, 2017

Romans 3:28


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  • 06/09/19


    The pursuit of every Christian life leans forward into one goal: Christ Himself. In Hebrews, Scripture likens this faith-filled striving ...

    Speakers: Dan Schillero

  • 06/09/19

    Give Us a King

    As Samuel aged and his succession plan failed, Israel clamored for a new leader. No longer wanting to be distinct ...

    Speakers: Alistair Begg

  • 06/02/19

    A Lamb, A Stone, and An Altar

    At Mizpah, the Israelites received thunderous, dramatic deliverance from their Philistine oppressors. Samuel had once again prayed on their behalf ...

    Speakers: Alistair Begg

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