The Robinsons

The Robinsons


Robinson Family May 2019 Prayer Requests

* Praise for Klaus and Katharina (German ministry partners in the village church near Leipzig) who reported a record 28 attendees for the 8-week evangelistic outreach to neighbors and friends! They report: “we experienced the grace of the Spirit move among us … we enjoyed beautiful fellowship with these new believers (and not yet believers) and we will be starting a weekly Bible study with them soon. ... Daniel (another co-worker of Robinson’s) has faithfully continued another group (begun by the Robinsons) and it is growing." Praise God, despite so many challenges this village church faces daily, that they have remained faithful to Christ and his Word.

* Pray for G. (Iranian refugee Jeffrey baptized) who is is receiving psychiatric care for the trauma he experienced as he fled Iran for Germany. Pray for wholeness and healing in his life and that he will experience the presence and peace of Christ at this time. Pray for Klaus who continues to serve and minister to G. in practical ways. This comes at great physical, emotional and financial expense to Klaus. Pray also for Klaus who continues to battle his own health issues (back problems).

* Pray for Sebastian and the leaders of the Nathaniel Church as they continue to shepherd and guide their church with wisdom and love. The challenges facing them in post-Christian Europe seem, at times, overwhelming. Pray that they would have the moral courage and strength to guide and love the faithful amidst strong criticism - if not disdain - from a secular society.