The Robinsons

The Robinsons

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  • Robinson Family November 2018 Prayer Requests

    + Pray for Jeffrey and Katherine as they seek full-time employment in the US.

    + Pray for physical and spiritual protection in this time of transition. The Robinsons have experienced several disappointments and difficult challenges in the last few weeks.

  • Robinson Family October 2018 Prayer Requests

    + Praise for Jeffrey’s successful completion of his Chaplaincy training program. God’s sustaining grace was evident in the midst of the highly demanding program and his encounters with the deep pain and suffering of his patients.

    + The discernment process during our home assignment has led us to not return to Germany as full-time missionaries. These coming months will be a time of closure with both GEM and Parkside church. Please pray we will end well with all our beloved ministry partners.

    + Pray for Jeffrey and Katherine as they seek full-time employment in the US.

    + Continue to pray for the church plant – several people who initially expressed interest in becoming a part of the core group have decided not to continue coming. Pray we can continue to encourage the core group and help them grow in their faith.

  • Robinson Family May 2018 Prayer Requests

    Praise for growing interest in starting a new church west of Austin. At this point meetings are taking place every two weeks on Sunday evenings. One meeting is focused on prayer with the core group, then the alternate week is one of Q&A, updates, discussion and encouragement for anyone interested in participating in the church plant.

    Please pray that prayer would be central, that authentic Christ-centered relationships would be built and that those committed to starting a church would have much wisdom and grace and they discern the way forward. Pray also for the integrity of the process will be honored without unnecessarily rushing or delaying it.