Pastoral Assistants - India

Pastoral Assistants - India


Delhi Bible Institute February 2018 Prayer Requests

They are grateful to report that Delhi Bible Institute had another fruitful year in 2017 in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through 340 different discipleship, training, and vocational programs, they equipped 9,808 disciples. These new disciples were a witness to the transformation, reconciliation and restoration with God and men that the gospel provides.

* Pray for the 20 men supported by Parkside as they travel throughout Northern India preaching and teaching the gospel. Pray that God will protect them and provide many opportunities for David, Mani, Amar, Benjamin, Gabriel, Kalap, Suresh, Vinay, Desh, Ram, Anil, Dilip, Kamlesh, Rajendra, James, Shiv, Rajesh, Dinesh, Bhim and Sanjay to share Christ.

* Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for Isaac Shaw and the rest of the DBI leadership team of Ramrajh, Abdul, Numgail, Abwan and Yogatah as they oversee the ministry.