Pastoral Assistants - India

Pastoral Assistants - India

About the Pastoral Assistants in India

The Delhi Bible Institute

For over 50 years, the Delhi Bible Institute ( has been serving the church through the training of church planters and pastors. Our focus is on training church leaders at all levels of leadership through systematic Bible teaching. People who have been prepared for Christian service through our ministry are now serving in churches all over India.

Vision 2025

We seek to train 30,000 students for the purpose of seeing 15,000 new Bible-preaching churches planted throughout North India by the year 2025. Through the establishment of new centers in the state capitals of North India, and the development of new tools, training, social initiatives and partnerships, DBI will continue its commitment to the nation of India, to the gospel, and to the vision God has given to see people come to know and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

A key focus of DBI is to train and equip church planters and pastors from the rural parts of North India, where 80% of Indians live. Many of the students coming to DBI would never have the resources or “qualifications” to pay for a graduate-level education, yet they are willing and eager to be trained, and DBI is seeking to meet that demand.

Parkside Church has partnered with Isaac Shaw and DBI since 2008 and is helping train 20 national pastors.