Pastoral Assistants - India

Pastoral Assistants - India

Through Parkside's relationship with Isaac Shaw, we are training local Indian pastors to lead churches throughout North India in partnership with the Delhi Bible Institute

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  • Delhi Bible Institute September 2020 Prayer Requests

    *DBI began in-person classes in all eight centers on August 3. Though the number of students on the campuses is restricted, their influence and impact will double as they train more students online. Pray that God will keep them and their students safe.


    *DBI continues to provide food aid to people in the neighborhood who have lost jobs and have no income. Slums have been adopted where their teams visit and provide food aid and encourage them from the Word. DBI had a target of reaching out to 2,000 families. However, the need persists with the lockdown extending and with businesses closing. So far 3,120 families and individuals have been provided with food aid.


    *Their centers continue to stitch masks and distribute them among the needy. A total of 16,844 masks have been distributed. A list has been compiled of the names of the people being provided with food aid and each center prays for them by name. Pray that salvation would come to these families and they would be restored spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially.

  • Delhi Bible Institute August 2020 Prayer Requests

    The nation of India is still battling with the Coronavirus. Despite lockdown, the number of cases continues to rise steadily. Project Hope, DBI’s initiative to reach out to the people affected by the virus, has progressed into its third month. Emergency food aid is given to families and individuals who have no source of income because of the COVID-19 lockdown. All eight centers are involved in regular distribution of food essentials to 1,810 families and individuals.


    With masks becoming mandatory for every individual stepping out of home, the sewing centers in all their centers are operative and masks are being made by their team members and interns. 13,394 masks have been distributed among the poor so far.


    With the churches being closed, all centers are now holding services online.


    *Please pray for God’s healing mercy and that he would graciously bring this pandemic to an end. Pray for healing for all those affected by the virus.


    *Pray also for those affected by the recent Cyclones Amphan & Nisarga, the heat wave, and the flooding. Pray too for the land to be freed of the desert Locusts that are destroying crops around the nation.


    *This is very crucial time for the Church to stand strong in faith. Pray that they would remember that God is sovereign. Pray for the Lord to use their church communities around North India to bring hope to many.

  • Delhi Bible Institute July 2020 Prayer Requests

    Pray for Delhi as it is now the worst effected place in India with the highest number of Corona virus positive patients. The Delhi government has been grappling with a shortage of hospital beds. The world’s largest COVID-19 treatment facility with 10,000 beds will be fully operational by month end. The facility has a covered area of 1,250,000 square feet- as large as 22 football fields. It will have nearly 200 enclosures with 50 beds each. By mid-July they are expecting the cases to peak by which time they estimate about 550,000 will be infected.


    In addition, crop destroying desert locust arrived in parts of Delhi today.

Pastoral Assistants - India

Isaac Shaw & The Delhi Bible Institute

Through Parkside's relationship with Isaac Shaw, we are training local Indian pastors to lead churches throughout North India in partnership with the Delhi Bible Institute