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Mike and Cindy

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  • Mike & Cindy May 2019 Prayer Requests

    * Praise the Lord for a good turnout at the evangelistic talk by Kosta a few weeks ago. Pray that God would continue to work in the hearts of those who heard a quality presentation of the gospel, especially for our team’s follow-up with the five who indicated an interest in hearing more about the Christian faith.

    * Pray also for good closure to the academic year with students at the language center May 14.



  • Mike & Cindy April 2019 Prayer Requests

    Pray for an evangelistic talk that Mike is organizing in their community for April 11. Kosta, who has a doctorate in philosophy, will be speaking on Faith and Reason. Pray for final preparations, for God to move in the hearts of many who come, and for wise follow-up with seekers.



  • Mike & Cindy March 2019 Prayer Requests

    *Praise for good resolution in their Macedonian teammate’s work situation and good progress his German wife’s health and teaching issues.

    *Please pray for a the craft night for the ladies in the language center March 7 to deepen relationships.

    *Pray also for preparations on both sides of the ocean for the team from Parkside planning to serve in Macedonia in June, making contacts through teaching English.

  • Mike & Cindy February 2019 Prayer Requests

    *Pray for their newly-formed team of 5 as Mike leads extended gatherings this month for team building and strategic planning for the coming year.

    *Pray for Filip, Mike & Cindy’s Macedonian partner in ministry, who must find new employment because his job is not what he was promised it would be. Pray also for his German wife who teaches at our language center, as she faces challenges in her health and in establishing her new classes.

  • Mike & Cindy January 2019 Prayer Requests

    *Pray that Mike and Cindy would grow in their love for their Lord and for the Macedonian people.

    *Pray that they would walk worthy of their calling, and that their lives would be a testimony to the Macedonians that they interact with.

  • Mike & Cindy November 2018 Prayer Requests

    * Pray for Filip and Tamara who plan to arrive November 3 to Macedonia to partner with Mike and Cindy for one year in their church planting efforts. Tamara is from Germany and will teach German in the language center. Her husband Filip is Macedonian, and will be the first national believer on the team. Pray for their adjustments, her health, and his ability to find work to supplement their income.

    * Pray for key connections to be made with the younger community in our area.

  • Mike & Cindy October 2018 Prayer Requests

    Here are a couple requests for Macedonia:

    *Pray for the impact on the people of Macedonia as a historic referendum was held September 30 to decide if the country’s name will change to Republic of Northern Macedonia. This is to satisfy Greece who has been blocking Macedonia’s entry into NATO and the EU for 27 years.

    *Pray for Parkside attendees applying to join a team to Macedonia in June. Pray that God would form a united team of mature disciples who will make connections for the gospel in Macedonia.


    Mike and Cindy

  • Mike & Cindy February 2018 Prayer Requests

    • Pray for the resuming of the Sunday Bible Sunday after a holiday break. As attendees do not have support from family members in their spiritual journey, pray that they would seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.

    • As the winter semester at the language center begins February 5, pray that new students would see ads and sign up, and continuing students would grow in openness.

  • Mike and Cindy August 2017 Prayer Requests

    * Praise for good summer session of English classes and a final day-trip with students. Pray for the ability to connect with interested students during the remaining summer break. Pray for God to guide the interns that assisted in teaching, as they consider whether He is calling them to serve long-term overseas.

    * The SEND workers in all of South-Central Europe will gather for a conference August 15-19. Pray for God to use the teaching and the opportunities for mutual encouragement with fellow-workers. An intern, Evelyn, is preparing to teach at the language center for the next 8 months. Pray for needed support, visa approval, heart preparation, and on-field preparation for her role on the team.

  • Mike and Cindy July 2017 Prayer Requests

    * After months of basically having no functioning government in Macedonia due to one party’s filibustering, a majority party has finally formed a government. Please pray for God to achieve his purposes in this confusing transitional time.

    * The close to the summer session of English classes will be marked by a group full-day outing to beautiful lake Ohrid in southern Macedonia. Pray for Mike and Cindy and the 3 American interns to be able to make good use of the extended informal time with students.