Mike and Cindy

Mike and Cindy

Mike and Cindy

It is with great excitement that we welcome Mike and Cindy back to our missionary team! After serving in Europe for 18 years, they needed to return to the United States in 2013. Now, God has opened the doors for them to return to full-time missions work in Macedonia and we celebrate with them. Please pray for them during this time of transition. They are with SEND International leading a new church-planting team in an unreached area of Macedonia’s capital city, Skopje.

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  • Mike & Cindy February 2018 Prayer Requests

    • Pray for the resuming of the Sunday Bible Sunday after a holiday break. As attendees do not have support from family members in their spiritual journey, pray that they would seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.

    • As the winter semester at the language center begins February 5, pray that new students would see ads and sign up, and continuing students would grow in openness.

  • Mike and Cindy August 2017 Prayer Requests

    * Praise for good summer session of English classes and a final day-trip with students. Pray for the ability to connect with interested students during the remaining summer break. Pray for God to guide the interns that assisted in teaching, as they consider whether He is calling them to serve long-term overseas.

    * The SEND workers in all of South-Central Europe will gather for a conference August 15-19. Pray for God to use the teaching and the opportunities for mutual encouragement with fellow-workers. An intern, Evelyn, is preparing to teach at the language center for the next 8 months. Pray for needed support, visa approval, heart preparation, and on-field preparation for her role on the team.

  • Mike and Cindy July 2017 Prayer Requests

    * After months of basically having no functioning government in Macedonia due to one party’s filibustering, a majority party has finally formed a government. Please pray for God to achieve his purposes in this confusing transitional time.

    * The close to the summer session of English classes will be marked by a group full-day outing to beautiful lake Ohrid in southern Macedonia. Pray for Mike and Cindy and the 3 American interns to be able to make good use of the extended informal time with students.


Mike and Cindy