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The Bean Family


Beans'Talk February 2019

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SHOUT from the mountaintops!

God has done in it! Though YOU—many, many, many of you—he has provided all the funding needed to print these Bibles.

Teamwork in action

This has truly been an example of teamwork; the body of Christ working together.

*Our personal partners outdid themselves, quite a few giving multiple times. THANK YOU!

*Numerous Wycliffe colleagues also gave. THANK YOU!

*Some of them let their partners know of the need. Funds came in from all parts of the country, and outside of the country as well. THANK YOU!

*The maintenance crew employed at Wycliffe’s headquarters in Orlando has been praying for this need and also gave to help. THANK YOU!

*Family members helped and also raised awareness of the need, bringing others in. THANK YOU!

*Churches literally from coast to coast (California to Florida and many places in between) took up special offerings to help publish these Bibles. THANK YOU!

*There were a number of anonymous gifts given by whoever you are. THANK YOU!

A front row seat

I (Patti) have to confess that last summer when we learned of the need to find half the funds for publishing, I was overwhelmed. But, Mark encouraged me from the get-go to choose to watch God at work.

As a result it has been like having front row seats to a spectacular show, directed by God and performed by his generous people.

It’s been amazing because God did what I could not even imagine, let alone do.

* * * *

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20

Meanwhile…God’s TLC

While we’ve been focused on watching God meet this giant funding need, he has been quietly working on another front that we hadn’t given much attention to. In the past few months he has increased our personal support, leading some to begin to give, others to increase and yet others to give special one time gifts. What can we say? Like Jacob in Genesis 32:10, we are not worthy of all the unfailing love and faithfulness God has shown to us.

The Bibles—where are they?

We had hoped to be able to say that the first three Bibles are in the queue in Korea, waiting for their turn to be printed. But, alas, they are still in Dallas. We remind ourselves that the Dallas publications team serves projects all around the world. Pray for them that they might make good headway on these first three Quechua Bibles so that the Bibles might go on to the printing presses in South Korea.

Meanwhile, the fifth Bible is temporarily stuck half-way through the post-layout editorial check. The checker, Becky, has also been the main person organizing the annual retreat for our colleagues in Peru. Their retreat starts today. She’s been swamped with retreat details.

Praises and prayer requests

*Praise: ALL the funds for publishing are in! May God be glorified. Praise him.

*Pray: for the first three Bibles to be printed soon. This month even!

*Pray: for all the different people tasked with working on the Bibles in different stages.

*Pray: for our partner organizations JAWCA and AWI as they begin to plan and coordinate with local churches for a big celebration for each of the first three Bibles. Lord willing, those celebrations will take place this summer. They need to know soon when the Bibles might get printed so they can reserve dates. Again, patience is needed by all.

Thank you for so faithfully accompanying us along the way with your prayers and encouragement.

Mark & Patti Bean