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Posted: March 15, 2019

Attention Bainbridge Township Seniors The Bainbridge Township Trustees are joining forces with the Geauga County Department on Aging for the 2019 Bainbridge Senior Trash Pick-Up Day April 29, 30, and May 1 Please have items outside home or garage Sunday, April 28, the evening before the pick-up. Sign Up Is EASY • Here’s how …First Register with the Geauga County Department on Aging by April 22,, or earlier! Once registered, seniors can call to be placed on the trash pick-up roster. Please note, to receive trash pick-up assistance, you Must be 60 years of age or older and live in Bainbridge Township. Contact information is below. The Department on Aging can no Longer go into seniors homes to pick up unwanted items. The Bainbridge Township Road Crew and the Department on Aging will pick up refuse from Bainbridge senior’s Garages, out buildings and Drives. DO NOT leave items by curbside. Please note the following guidelines: To prevent possible bed bug transferal (or other pest), all mattresses, couches and upholstered furniture MUST be wrapped in plastic and taped securely or they will not be taken. What we will take: Tires, batteries, appliances (washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, propane tanks, a TV, old furniture, mattresses and other unwanted items. What we won’t take: Unused medications, hazardous chemicals, oil, paints and solvents, pesticides, yard waste, garbage, construction or debris. Residents are reminded that newspapers, magazines and cardboard are recyclable. Separate them out for recycling at a later date. Residents are also asked not to bring items that can easily be disposed of in the resident’s weekly curbside pickup. Please, only 10 household items per home and refuse should be from the senior’s household. Any loose materials should be consolidated in strong boxes and protected from the weather prior to pick-up. For more information on the pick-up and to register for the pick-up, call the Department on Aging weekdays 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM at (440) 279-2130. Don’t wait, call now! Please have the following information available: senior’s name, address, phone number, date of birth, and list of items needing removal.

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