Nursery Sunday Evening

Nursery Sunday Evening


Nursery Volunteers for 2023

In the past six months, we have been delighted to welcome 30 brand new, baby Parksiders! 

Providing loving and safe care for little ones on Sundays means that we need to adequately staff our nursery teams. As we look to 2023, we are seeking 80 new people to join our current morning teams and 25 new people to join our current evening teams. Adding these new volunteers will allow us to care for additional babies and also open a fifth nursery room for older toddlers. 

Nursery volunteers serve at one service, approximately once a month, from January-December 2023.

  • Volunteers do not need to be members of Parkside Church, but we do ask that volunteers have been in regular attendance for six months.
  • Volunteers must be 13+ years of age to serve. Preteens ages 11-12 may serve with a parent who is on the same team.
  • When a volunteer is unable to serve on an assigned date, we provide a way to "swap" with someone on another date through the Volunteer Resources on our church app.
  • Parents who utilize the nursery are asked to serve. Husbands and wives may share one volunteer spot (giving flexibility when one parent needs to be home with children).

Will you please prayerfully consider being a part of our nursery ministry? This is an easy way to get connected through service and a wonderful way to meet new people and encourage our young families. To sign up, click the register link below. For additional information, please read our Nursery Ministry FAQs