What a Mystery

According to a familiar Christmas carol, Jesus was "born to raise the sons of earth, born to give them second birth."  The prologue to John's gospel introduces us to this mystery: that God became man so that the sons of men could become children of God.

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03/01/15 Favoritism - No Small Sin

Is there such thing as a "small" sin? We tend to think of favoritism as a minor infraction compared to ...

Matt McAlvey
03/01/15 Christian Living in a Hostile World

Surrounded by a culture that was hostile to the Gospel, early Christians faced great difficulty in knowing how to follow ...

Mike Wilmer
02/22/15 Faith and Favoritism are Incompatible
We may naturally sense that favoritism is unfair, but according to the Book of James, it is a problem that ...
Dan Schillero

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