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The Ziska Family

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  • Brenda Ziska December 2016 Prayer Requests

    * On December 4th please be praying for the presidential election in Austria. The country is run by the Chancellor, Cabinet and Parliament. The President is the federal head of state of Austria. Though theoretically entrusted with great power by the Constitution of Austria, in practice the President is merely a ceremonial figurehead who acts mostly on the advice of the Chancellor and the Cabinet. The President of Austria is directly elected every six years by the people (all citizens over the age of 16). Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party (FPÖ) - the far-right party will be going against Alexander Van der Bellen from the green party in a run-off election.

    * Continue to pray for the teenagers in the children´s home. We´re very happy to see a few of them coming to church, especially when we have some special activities right afterwards, like going to McDonald´s or to a fair that´s being put on in town.

  • Brenda Ziska November 2016 Prayer Requests

    * The Lord has blessed the Klosterneuburg fellowship with 5 children which is a good start for a Sunday school. We started having “family worship services” the Sunday after the Teenie Retreat. At that time all of the teens from the children´s home came to church. We were all thankful for your prayers in October, because 5 of the teens came to the family worship service in October. There was also a new family with 4 children.

    * Please pray for the family service we´ll be having on the 27th of November which will be the 1st Advent Sunday. The family services are shorter and more appropriate for children and young people. Pray that the young people at the home will develop a desire to come on their own to church. Pray also that we will again have visitors.



  • Brenda Ziska October 2016 Prayer Requests

    1. Thank you for praying for our new evangelistic Bible study that just started on Sept.12th. I ended up getting the flu, but David, my son, took my car and brought his friend to the study. Another young man came that was a part of Joe´s and my evangelistic study and was also a part of Jonathan´s pizza study. The next study will be October 10th . Please pray that the others that were once a part of Joe´s and Jonathan´s studies will again want to be a part of this study plus others that are seeking God. We´re excited about the possibilities.

    2. Continue to pray for the birthday party we´ll have for the children who were born in October from the children´s home. Pray that the children listen carefully and learn that God loves them from the Bible story. Praise God for one of the teenies who apparently has made a decision for Christ and has been acting differently since she came back from the teenie retreat. Thank you, Jesus.

    3. Please pray also for our church retreat from September 30th to October 2nd.



  • Brenda Ziska September 2016 Prayer & Praise Letter

    Download Brenda Ziska's September 2016 Prayer & Praise Letter with photos here.

    Dear Praying Friends & Family,

    Thank you for your prayers this last month. I celebrated 40 years with Greater Europe Mission. It´s hard to believe, isn´t it? Some of you have been on our team through all 40 years. All I can say from Joe and I is a very big thank you for us and the Austrians.

    We´re looking forward to a busy fall with a new Bible Study beginning for seekers and young believers. I know you´ll enjoy reading about the “teenie” retreat we had last weekend and the other special prayer requests and praises for September.

    Let me know what special things you, your family and church will be doing this fall, so I can be praying for you, also.

    Love in Christ from Austria,

    Brenda Ziska

  • Brenda Ziska August 2016 Prayer Requests

    Here are our prayer requests for August:

    * Please continue to keep the Women´s Breakfast in Klosterneuburg in your prayers. We still haven´t found affordable facilities that are near or in Klosterneuburg and can hold at least 150 women. Thank you for praying for this important ministry to women who are without Christ in Klosterneuburg.

    * From August 18-20 we will be having a weekend “teenie” retreat with the young people from the children´s home. We and the children are excited about this opportunity the team will have to minister to the children. Just a reminder that two years ago the children at the Parkside Vacation Bible school gave the money that´s being used to pay for the housing and retreat. Again we want to thank you for this gift to the children in the children´s home. Pray that they might be open to hearing about God´s love for them.

  • Ziska July 2016 Prayer & Praise Letter

    Download the Ziska July 2016 Prayer & Praise Letter with photos here. 

    Dear Praying Friends,

    I want to wish my Canadian friends “Happy Independence Day” on July 1st and my American friends “Happy 4th of July!” I hope your summer has been nice so far. Ours is just turning warm.

    We´ve had some wonderful answers to prayer in June and some important prayer requests for the summer. Thank you for being a part of our ministry team here in Austria. I hope you enjoy the pictures I´ve included.

    Love from Austria,

    Brenda Ziska

  • Ziska June 2016 Prayer Requests

    * At the Woman´s Breakfast meeting we announced that this would probably be the last meeting we´ll be having. The restaurant manager had decided he no longer wanted to let us use his facilities. The price had become too much. Two of the women on the committee are willing to share the responsibility of running the committee, but we still haven´t found facilities that are near or in Klosterneuburg and big enough to hold 150 people that we can afford, especially if we serve breakfast. We have discussed changing the format of the meeting (no eating, just rows of chairs and a speaker, etc.). Please pray with us about this very effective evangelistic ministry. We want to do what God wants.

    * Thank God also for the follow-up meeting we had at the meeting place for our church - - 31 people came! Jonathan´s father, Walter Mauerhofer, who is a gardener and a church planter in Austria showed a beautiful power point presentation called “The 4 seasons of the Year.” It was scenery from Austria and Switzerland and amazing flowers from his garden from different seasons. The beautiful photography was accompanied by music and occasional verses talking about God the Creator.

  • Ziska May 2016 Prayer Requests

    Thank you for praying for all the legal and official affairs I´ve had to take care of. I just received word from the courts that all of our possessions are officially in my name, in particular our home and car. Gas, water, electricity, tv & radio, all types of insurance, and bank accounts will now be in my name. It´s all a new world for me, so I have really appreciated your prayers and the help of friends here and in America.

    Please continue to pray that I make my way through taxes in America and Austria. I´m very thankful to have two tax advisers, one in America and the other here in Austria. (We may have extra time with income tax, because we´re overseas.)

  • Ziska April 2016 Prayer & Praise Letter

    Download the Ziska April 2016 Prayer & Praise letter with photos here.

    Happy Easter

    ThankYou, Jesus, for all that You were willing to do that we might have forgiveness and the opportunity to become one of your children. Thank You for dying for us, for rising from the dead and giving us eternal life. As I watched Joe die, trapped in that bed and in that body, I understood in a new way what eternity with You meant. In a split second he was finally set free to go with You to heaven, springing and leaping like the man who was lame who You healed. For a moment in time I felt a wonderful joy when he was set free from the pain and tears.

    Thank You, Jesus, for the gift of eternal life that Joe is experiencing with You now at this Easter time. Amen.

  • Ziska April 2016 Prayer Requests

    Please pray for the people that were a part of our evangelistic study Joe led before we went on our Home Ministry Assignment. I invited them to our Easter outreach on March 27th and am going to invite the women to come to the Women´s breakfast in Klosterneuburg on April 9th. Pray that they consider wanting to start up the Bible study we had together with Joe.

    Pray for Karin Ebert who will be speaking on, “Values we want to give to the next generation – People are valuable and need values.” Please pray that many women will come to the breakfast on April 9th and learn about how much God values them. Although the nurse that Joe led to the Lord said she wanted to come, there may be some activity that will come in the way of her and her mother coming. Please pray that God makes it possible for her to come.