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The Ziska Family

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  • Brenda Ziska June 2017 Prayer Requests

    * Thank you for praying that the family who were a part of Joe´s Bible study would come to the Easter service. It ended up that the father and son came to the service along with my son.

    * Thank you also for your prayers for the church team we had during the last two weeks of May working in Klosterneuburg. Please pray for the follow-up we´ll be having during the month of June with the new people we met through the team.

  • Ziska May 2017 Prayer Requests

    Thank you for praying for our Easter service. The service was well attended. I was really happy that a man that was a very good friend of Joe´s came. His wife would have come too, but she was sick. They haven´t visited church or anything since Joe died. His son who has been attending our evangelistic study has become a Christian. Praise the Lord!

  • April-May 2017 Prayer & Praise from Austria

    Download the April-May 2017 Prayer & Praise from Austria here.

    Dear Praying Friends & Family,

    God has answered some very significant prayer requests these last months. I know you´ll enjoy praising Him with me as you read my April - May Prayer & Praise letter. May you have a very blessed Easter!

    Love in Christ,


  • Brenda Ziska April 2017 Prayer Requests

    *Praise the Lord that we found a meeting place in the Klosterneuburg area where the evangelistic women´s breakfasts can be held. The place we will be meeting can handle 120 to140 people. We also have women who are willing to serve on the committee to plan and carry out the meetings twice a year. Our first meeting will be in the fall of 2017. We were so thankful for your prayer support as we were seeking God´s will for this very significant ministry in the city of Klosterneuburg. Please continue to pray as we work out all the new details and changes we´ll be making for this new start of the evangelistic women´s breakfast in Klosterneuburg.

  • Brenda Ziska March 2017 Prayer Requests

    * Pray for our birthday party for one of the younger girls at the Children´s Home on March 10. May she feel very special and realize how much God loves her, because she see His love through us.

    * We may have a possibility for a meeting place where the Klosterneuburg Breakfasts could be held. Please be praying as we get together to discuss this month about continuing this evangelistic outreach to the women in the Klosterneuburg area.

  • Brenda Ziska February 2017 Prayer & Praise

    *Praise God with Brenda Ziska over the decision that has been made by the government of Austria about our paying Social Security both in America and in Austria. Joe and Brenda had been informed by the Austrian Bureau for Social Insurance a couple years ago that they along with other Greater Europe Missionaries were liable to pay Social Security in Austria. Joe had gone twice into their Bureau in 2014 and had gotten them released from paying Social Security in Austria for the years 2012 and 2013. In January Brenda was again asked to come into the Bureau to discuss paying Social Security in Austria. Brenda wrote to the Bureau and sent them documents for her and Joe from America saying that they had already paid Social Security in America for the past years up until now and were only legally bound to pay in America, because of an agreement America made with Austria. She just got an email at the end of January saying Joe was released from paying Social Security from 2011 to 2016 and she was also along with all others from our mission that have the same documents. This has lifted a giant financial burden from all of them. Thank you, Jesus.

  • December 2016 & January 2017 Prayer & Praise from Austria

    Download the December 2016 & January 2017 Prayer & Praise from Austria here.

    Dear Family & Friends,

    I hope you enjoy reading about the praises in November and December and the prayer requests for January 2017. Thank you so much for your emails, notes and prayers during this time. I´ve also enjoyed communicating with some of you through Facebook.

  • Brenda Ziska January 2017 Prayer Requests

    * Pray for the Greater Europe Mission-Austria planning retreat we will be having on January 5th to 7th in Steier, Austria. We´ll be doing strategic planning on how to reach all of Austria for Christ by partnering with others to make disciples, train leaders, and growing healthy, Christ-centered churches. We will also be reviewing our own personal ministry priorities for the coming year.

    * Please pray for the Evangelical Academy (EVAK) that Joe Ziska helped to start and in which he taught courses in Vienna. On January 16 the school is exploring the possibility of accreditation of the EVAK in Austria.

  • Brenda Ziska December 2016 Prayer Requests

    * On December 4th please be praying for the presidential election in Austria. The country is run by the Chancellor, Cabinet and Parliament. The President is the federal head of state of Austria. Though theoretically entrusted with great power by the Constitution of Austria, in practice the President is merely a ceremonial figurehead who acts mostly on the advice of the Chancellor and the Cabinet. The President of Austria is directly elected every six years by the people (all citizens over the age of 16). Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party (FPÖ) - the far-right party will be going against Alexander Van der Bellen from the green party in a run-off election.

    * Continue to pray for the teenagers in the children´s home. We´re very happy to see a few of them coming to church, especially when we have some special activities right afterwards, like going to McDonald´s or to a fair that´s being put on in town.

  • Brenda Ziska November 2016 Prayer Requests

    * The Lord has blessed the Klosterneuburg fellowship with 5 children which is a good start for a Sunday school. We started having “family worship services” the Sunday after the Teenie Retreat. At that time all of the teens from the children´s home came to church. We were all thankful for your prayers in October, because 5 of the teens came to the family worship service in October. There was also a new family with 4 children.

    * Please pray for the family service we´ll be having on the 27th of November which will be the 1st Advent Sunday. The family services are shorter and more appropriate for children and young people. Pray that the young people at the home will develop a desire to come on their own to church. Pray also that we will again have visitors.