The Yurkovich Family

The Yurkovich Family

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  • Yurkovich Family December 2016 Prayer Requests

    * Pray for controversial parliamentary elections to be held December 11 after multiple delays and wide-spread protests. Many in office are under criminal investigation, and for the last year there has been a transitional government without a prime minister. Pray that steps would be taken to avoid fraud, and for God to achieve His purposes in the process.

    * Pray for end-of-semester Christmas parties with language center students, that the message of Christmas would clearly and sensitively be explained. Pray for all in our team to effectively make use of the holiday season in reaching out to friends.

  • Yurkovich Family November 2016 Prayer Requests

    Here are some requests from the Yurkoviches:

    * The annual concert “Vizia Fest” will be held November 6. This offers Macedonian Christian young musicians the chance to unite in an outreach to friends and community members. Please pray that invitees would be touched by the messages put to song.

    * Praise for an excellent kick-off of the language center this fall. Classes are well attended and students are connecting well with teachers. Pray that Mike and Cindy can be used to offer hope in key relationships with some in their community who are struggling to cope in this broken world.

  • Yurkovich Family October 2016 Prayer Requests

    * Pray for the SEND Macedonia annual conference to be held September 30-October 3. Pray for renewing of their minds through the guest speaker, for effective ministry to each other, for spiritual refreshment and growth in unity. Please also pray “that God may open to [them] a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ… that [they] would make it clear.” (Col 4:3-4)

    * Pray for daughter Hannah and her husband Joe as they transition from living/working in South Korea to America. Pray for healing as Joe contracted a strong illness on one of their stops, and is slowly improving. Pray for God to direct to the right jobs and living location and church involvement. May He strengthen them and give them wisdom through the many changes.



  • Yurkovich September 2016 Prayer Requests

    Here are some prayer points for us:

    - Pray for the September 6 kick off of lessons at the Let’s Talk language center. Pray that the right students would be prompted to participate, for teaching to be done with excellence, and for open doors in conversations.

    - Pray for the timely processing of a visa for intern Josiah H, and for his needed monthly support. Pray that his heart would be well prepared for the adventure and challenges ahead of him this year.

    - Pray that we “may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God” (Col 1:10)

    Thank you!

    Mike and Cindy

  • Yurkovich August 2016 Prayer Requests

    * Praise for the provision of a new home in the heart of Gjorce Petrov where the Yurkoviches intend to focus their efforts in the coming years. They desire to present a good testimony in the community, and to develop key relationships with neighbors over time.

    * The association of Word of Hope fellowships will be gathering for a retreat August 17-20. Pray that the saints will be mutually edified and built up.

    Thank you!

    Mike and Cindy

  • Yurkovich Family July 2016 Update

    Here are a couple prayer items for us:

    * Praise for a very blessed beginning to the new language center in June, with around 50 students regularly participating. Two interns from America are finishing up with us as this summer session wraps up July 7. Pray for relationships of all of teachers to go deeper with students with opportunities for personal conversations outside of class.

    * Another intern, Josiah, is preparing for his short term teaching September-May. He has a short time to raise support and compete the visa application process in order arrive by the time the semester begins.

  • Yurkovich Family June 2016 Prayer Requests

    Here are a few requests from the Yurkoviches:

    * Please pray for the opening of the new language center Let’s Talk. Praise that registrations are coming in. Pray for good relationships to be formed through this opportunity.

    * Two interns are coming to Macedonia for the month of June to teach English at the new language center. Pray for Joy and Karis to provide quality English lessons as well as have an impact on individual Macedonians.

  • Yurkovich Family May 2016 Prayer Requests

    Points for Prayer

    • Praise for God's direction and provision of a location for the language center.

    • Pray for good follow-up with those who attended the Nick Vujicic outreach April 16.

    • Pray for details to come together for the set-up of the language center, and for a good start to classes in June.

  • Yurkovich Family April 2016 Prayer Requests

    On April 16 the ministry of Life Without Limbs will bring Nick Vujicic to Skopje. Please join the churches Macedonia in prayer for this event. May God use Nick to inspire thousands in Macedonia to face life trusting Jesus in the midst of insurmountable difficulties.

  • Yurkovich Family March 2016 Prayer Requests

    Here are some requests for the Yurkoviches…

    • Mike and Cindy are thankful that the location for the new ministry has been determined and approved to be in the farthest western region of Skopje. Now they are making further assessments in locating a home and language center. Pray for guidance over these next months.

    • Pray for teams of young people from the US, working with the T- church plant March 7-10, as they hold English classes in Skopje and work serving the refugees at the Macedonia/Serbia border.

    • Give thanks that their friend L is regularly attending Bible study in the T- church. Pray for her health as she has been treated for cancer in the past, but is having recurring pains.