The Yurkovich Family

The Yurkovich Family

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  • Yurkovich Family August 2017 Prayer Requests

    * Praise for good summer session of English classes and a final day-trip with students. Pray for the ability to connect with interested students during the remaining summer break. Pray for God to guide the interns that assisted in teaching, as they consider whether He is calling them to serve long-term overseas.

    * The SEND workers in all of South-Central Europe will gather for a conference August 15-19. Pray for God to use the teaching and the opportunities for mutual encouragement with fellow-workers. An intern, Evelyn, is preparing to teach at the language center for the next 8 months. Pray for needed support, visa approval, heart preparation, and on-field preparation for her role on the team.

  • Yurkovich Family July 2017 Prayer Requests

    * After months of basically having no functioning government in Macedonia due to one party’s filibustering, a majority party has finally formed a government. Please pray for God to achieve his purposes in this confusing transitional time.

    * The close to the summer session of English classes will be marked by a group full-day outing to beautiful lake Ohrid in southern Macedonia. Pray for Mike and Cindy and the 3 American interns to be able to make good use of the extended informal time with students.

  • Yurkovich Family June 2017 Prayer Requests

    * A five-week summer session of English classes is being offered in June. Pray for new contacts to be made and for the three college interns helping with these classes.

    * Pray for L who has been studying the Bible with Mike and Cindy, that God would deepen her understanding of the truth. Also, a resolution is needed for her housing concerns.

  • Yurkovich Family May 2017 Prayer Requests

    * On May 4 the end of the year party for students of the language center will be held in a local restaurant. Pray for good closure that leaves the door open for connecting personally with a number of the students after the semester is over.

    * Pray for major transitions that two of the Yurkovich children will make in May. Luke graduates from college and begins a new job in 3D animation in Indiana. Also, Elizabeth and Cail are taking the joyful step of marriage on May 27 in Louisiana. May God have central place in their hearts as they enter these new phases of life. Pray for Mike and Cindy to have quality time celebrating with their children in these events.

  • Yurkovich Family April 2017 Prayer Requests

    *Pray that we would abide in Christ, for apart from him we can do nothing (John 15:5).

    *Pray for God to draw seeking hearts to the Overview of the Bible study starting March 26.

  • Yurkovich Family March 2017 Prayer Requests

    * Praise for good turnout and excellent interaction at the 5 love languages seminar. Pray that attendees would seek to live out the principles learned, and that conversations could continue on a deeper level with them after this.

    * Pray for the potential of an investigative 6-week Bible study with interested individuals starting in March. Pray for God to draw those who have open hearts.

  • Yurkovich Family February 2017 Prayer Requests

    Here are some items of prayer for us in Macedonia:

    *Praise that the support and visa requirements have finally been met for a short-term teacher to come and aid in the language center ministry for 6 months. Pray for Josiah as he arrived in January, that he would adjust well to the new culture and be used effectively in the lives of his students.

     *Pray for a seminar on “five love languages” that we are offering our students February 10 (in light of valentine’s day) with our colleagues Philip and Lynn as guest speakers. Pray that the principles presented would be of aid in relationships, as well as open doors for further helpful discussion.

  • Yurkovich Family January 2017 Prayer Requests

    * Praise that the support and visa requirements have finally been met for a short-term teacher to come and aid in the language center ministry for 6 months. Pray for Josiah as he arrives the first week of January, that he would adjust well to the new culture and be used effectively in the lives of his students.

    * Pray for daughter Hannah and her husband Joe as they begin new jobs in the Chicago area after teaching in South Korea for the past few years. Praise for God’s provision, and pray that they would walk worthy of their calling in their new roles and be used by God there.

  • Yurkovich Family December 2016 Prayer Requests

    * Pray for controversial parliamentary elections to be held December 11 after multiple delays and wide-spread protests. Many in office are under criminal investigation, and for the last year there has been a transitional government without a prime minister. Pray that steps would be taken to avoid fraud, and for God to achieve His purposes in the process.

    * Pray for end-of-semester Christmas parties with language center students, that the message of Christmas would clearly and sensitively be explained. Pray for all in our team to effectively make use of the holiday season in reaching out to friends.

  • Yurkovich Family November 2016 Prayer Requests

    Here are some requests from the Yurkoviches:

    * The annual concert “Vizia Fest” will be held November 6. This offers Macedonian Christian young musicians the chance to unite in an outreach to friends and community members. Please pray that invitees would be touched by the messages put to song.

    * Praise for an excellent kick-off of the language center this fall. Classes are well attended and students are connecting well with teachers. Pray that Mike and Cindy can be used to offer hope in key relationships with some in their community who are struggling to cope in this broken world.