The Robinsons

The Robinsons

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  • Robinson November 2017 Prayer Requests

    * Praise for the first new members class and for the new members joining the church plant in South Austin on November 5th.

    * Praise for the church retreat November 10-12th. Pray for the speaker and all attending that the weekend will strengthen the community life of our church and encourage our members to deeper faith in Christ.

    * Please continue to pray for the Robinsons as they continue to adapt to their new roles, ministry context and cultural adjustments.

  • Robinson Family October 2017 Prayer Requests

    Pray for Jeffrey and Katherine in the adjustments and demands of settling in and also as they begin their training programs in Texas.

  • Robinson Ministry Update - September 2017

    Dear Friends,

    Transition and grace are the words that presently best describe our lives. We are starting our required year of home assignment, but based on much prayer and the wise counsel received from church and mission leadership and other ministry partners, we are utilizing this time in a much different way than in previous stays. With the long view as to how we can best serve God after our eventual return from field ministry, we are using this year to pursue retooling for Kingdom work in the USA. Jeffrey secured a resident position to fulfill the requirements toward national certification as a hospital chaplain and Katherine will take a course to reinstate her nursing license. Ministry, personal and professional factors influenced the decision to live in Austin, Texas for this year. We are sad to not be with the Parkside family during this time, but we will communicate regularly with church leadership and friends and, of course, we appreciate your ongoing prayerful support of us.

    It has been a challenging time of transition, as we closed down our apartment in Leipzig and then made our way to Austin, after a brief stay in Cleveland. But God’s grace and goodness has been abundantly evident in large and small ways throughout this demanding time.

  • Robinson August 2017 Prayer Requests

    1. Praise that the new school year has begun with a large and growing number of children attending our church. It is the tradition of the church in Germany to celebrate those children who enter the first grade. It is a rite of passage in which grandparents and friends also attend the church service. This year was a much larger group than we have had in the past. All evidence of the number of new families coming to our church and, in many cases, the growing size of our families (many of our familes have five or more children each!).

    2. Please continue to pray for a difficult couple in our church. Pray that this situation can be resolved amicably and quickly. While it has not become divisive within our church, it has demanded unnecessary energy and time among our leaders which could be better used in other ways. Pray also for this couple. The husband is a deeply wounded person and his wife has been drawn into the matter making it more difficult for everyone involved.