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  • Robinson August 2017 Prayer Requests

    1. Praise that the new school year has begun with a large and growing number of children attending our church. It is the tradition of the church in Germany to celebrate those children who enter the first grade. It is a rite of passage in which grandparents and friends also attend the church service. This year was a much larger group than we have had in the past. All evidence of the number of new families coming to our church and, in many cases, the growing size of our families (many of our familes have five or more children each!).

    2. Please continue to pray for a difficult couple in our church. Pray that this situation can be resolved amicably and quickly. While it has not become divisive within our church, it has demanded unnecessary energy and time among our leaders which could be better used in other ways. Pray also for this couple. The husband is a deeply wounded person and his wife has been drawn into the matter making it more difficult for everyone involved.

  • Robinson Family July 2017 Prayer Requests

    1. Praise for a joyful celebration at the wedding of D. & M. on June 4th. There were many church members and unchurched friends and family in attendance. Both the wedding service and their testimony at the reception was Christ-centered and God honoring. It gave us much joy to share in their joy on this day.

    2. Praise that our pastor and his family and the Elders in our church have returned home from their summer holidays refreshed in body and spirit. Soon the new school season and activities for this autumn at our church will begin. Pray that the schoolchildren will get off to a good start (as well at their parents) and that those serving in our church will do so with renewed energy and enthusiasm for Christ and for others.