The Robinsons

The Robinsons

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  • Robinson Family February 2018 Prayer Requests

    1. Pray for thehealthy delivery of our second grandchild for both mother and child on February 7th. Our daughter-in-law will deliver by c-section.

    2. Praise for the fruitful conversations begun with church leaders last month in Houston. Pray for continued wisdom and confirmation of the next steps. Pray that the funding for some of the projects we are considering will become available.

    3. Pray for the church we are attending. There have been some changes in leadership that have come about abruptly. Pray that these events will not become divisive and that those in leadership will grow toward greater maturity in Christ during this time of        transition.

  • Robinson Family Christmas Letter 2017

    Download the Robinson Family Christmas Letter 2017 with photos here.

  • Robinson Family January 2018 Prayer Requests

    * Praise for God’s sustaining grace and strength these past few months.

    * Praise for the church we are attending and for developing friendships.

    * Pray for a meeting with church leaders on January 4th in Houston that God will use our missional and discipleship experience to influence future ministry directions. This will be the first of what may be several “conversations” in the coming months as we and others discern how to develop a foundational discipling culture in new ministries that are presently unfolding.

  • Robinson December 2017 Prayer Requests

    * Praise for the spiritually encouraging church retreat. Many new frienships were formed or strengthened among the members of our church. Pray for unity of vision and a common bond of spiritual care for one another among the new members and within the leadership team.

    * Please continue to pray for the Robinsons as they continue to adapt to their new roles, ministry context and cultural adjustments.