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  • Robinson Family December 2016 Prayer Requests

    1. We enjoyed a very special Thanksgiving last month at my brother's home. Our children, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, aunts and uncles, cousins and great-grandparents were all present. It was a wonderful gift to celebrate that day together.

    2. The spiritual life team continues to grow in vision and cooperation. Retreats dates are being set for 2017. Please pray that we would discern with both wisdom and simplicity the content and venues of these retreats and for God to draw those people of his choosing to attend.

  • Robinson Family November 2016 Prayer Requests

    1. Praise that a new member to the Nathaniel Church elder board has been elected and has accepted the position. Pray that another mature follower of Christ can be added soon. Conflict both within and without the church continues. Prayer for spiritual protection and perseverance is greatly needed at this time. Praise that many university students are finding their way to our "believing church", ironically as a result of some unfavorable newspaper articles. Praise that Sebastian, our pastor, has not become weary in the midst of some of these trials. He is grateful for your prayers.

    2. The team presenting the evangelistic outreach course is discouraged. Despite an overwhelmingly large group of seekers, many have quit coming. The course runs through the end of November. Pray for perservarance and for those who remain to come to faith in Christ. Pray that our team can learn to trust God deeper and discover for themselves that service to Christ is not always "successful" but done with the proper spirit honors God.

  • Robinson Family October 2016 Prayer Requests

    1. Praise that the turnout for the new evangelism outreach class exceeded all of our expectations. We have never had a group this large before. This has put a strain on our team (which they are not complaining about). It would be helpful if additional volunteers would join the present team. Please pray for volunteers to prepare meals, assist on Thursday evenings or become part of the prayer team. Of course, please pray for those seekers attending that each may come to faith in Jesus.

    2. Pray for the spiritual life team that Katherine and I have been asked to join in our mission. We along with six other members will develop retreats and other materials to help deepen the spiritual life of our missionary colleagues. Our focus is spiritual character and maturity in Christ. We desire for each of our colleagues to minister to others out of a life deeply rooted in Christ. Please pray for clarity of vision and productive working relationships. None of us live in the same country which presents its own unique challenges in simply agreeing on a time for regular video conferencing.