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  • Robinson Family May 2017 Prayer Requests

    Here are our May prayer requests, thanks!


    1. Praise for safe travel to Germany and a warm welcome from friends and church members. The adjustments returning to Leipzig have gone exceedingly well. Pray for Katherine who returns on May 2nd.

    2. Please continue to pray for G. (a refugee from Iran). His application for a resident visa was denied and is on appeal but no date for his hearing has been set. He is now living with three other refugees in an apartment. It is a much safer and pleasant environment for him. He also continues to attend a local church and the pastor where he attends has taken an interest in him. The future, however, does not look good for him. German authorities are actively sending refugees back to their home countries. This is partly due to the national elections this autumn in which political leaders want to show that they are "serious" in dealing with the refugee question. It continues to be a polarizing matter among the electorate.

  • Robinson Family April 2017 Prayer Requests

    1. Pray for Jeffrey as he returns to Germany on April 5th (Katherine will join him shortly). Pray that he will be able to reintegrate well as he returns to ministry and relationships in Leipzig. Pray for discernment among the many needs that he will encounter on his arrival.

    2. Praise that several people have come to faith in Jesus as a result of the evangelistic outreach course. Pray for each person who now prepares for baptism, on Easter Sunday, that their witness will be a testimony to many of the redeeming love and grace of God in their lives.