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  • Robinson Family July 2017 Prayer Requests

    1. Praise for a joyful celebration at the wedding of D. & M. on June 4th. There were many church members and unchurched friends and family in attendance. Both the wedding service and their testimony at the reception was Christ-centered and God honoring. It gave us much joy to share in their joy on this day.

    2. Praise that our pastor and his family and the Elders in our church have returned home from their summer holidays refreshed in body and spirit. Soon the new school season and activities for this autumn at our church will begin. Pray that the schoolchildren will get off to a good start (as well at their parents) and that those serving in our church will do so with renewed energy and enthusiasm for Christ and for others.

  • Robinson Family June 2017 Prayer Requests

    1. Praise that M. & D. will be married on June 4th. We first met both of them several years ago when they attended the evangelism outreach class at our church. Since that time they have both come to faith, were baptized and are now entering into marriage. It has been a wonderful journey to see them both grow in their love for Christ and each other. The entire church has been invited to attend the wedding and reception. It is one of those special times when we as a church come together to celebrate and share in the joy of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We thank God for his goodness in their lives.

    2. Please continue to pray for G. (a refugee from Iran). His application for a resident visa is still pending. In the meantime he has backslidden in his faith. Our friends from the village church are doing what they can to visit and encourage him. Pray that he will not turn his back on Christ and that he will learn to carry his fear and burdens to Jesus who cares for him and desires to walk with him through this difficult period. Pray that his application for asylum will be granted.