Pastoral Assistants - Bolivia

Pastoral Assistants - Bolivia


About the Pastoral Assistants in Bolivia

The Purpose of the PA Training Program is to train and encourage effective and godly pastors committed to God and His Word, helping these men think Biblically, live Biblically, and minister Biblically for the glory of God. The program involves training pastors or pastoral candidates who show evidence of God’s call on their lives for pastoral ministry.  This training takes place in the context of the ILC Church over a period of 2.5 years, under the supervision of Kep James and Pastor Pepe Rocha.

ILC Church ministry responsibilities involve preaching and teaching, evangelism, discipleship, weekly Bible Study (through the book of Romans in 2.5 years -commitment to think and feed themselves in their personal study in the Word), sermon development, theology and ministry development, pastoral leadership development, weekly individual training pursuing Christ privately, personal response (confess sins, purity, commitment to prayer, obedience, knowing and following God’s will), and monthly evaluations with Kep.

The PA Training Program at ILC Church receives partial financial support from Parkside.