Mid-Week Life Group

Mid-Week Life Group

Midweek Life Groups

While we come to faith in Christ individually, God has designed the church so that we grow in faith together. Believers need one another for encouragement, edification, and to make each other more like Christ.  This "one anothering" happens best when we share life together with other Christians, studying, praying, and spending time with one another. 

Our Midweek Life Groups exist to provide a context for this to happen.  Our groups are scattered throughout NE Ohio and meet twice a month (generally) in local homes, and all of them are committed to Bible study, prayer, and relationship building.  The groups begin the 3rd week of September and run through the end of May, but people are welcome to join at any time.  Each group is taught by a member of the church, and they are typically composed of 10-20 people. 

If you have any questions about our groups or just want to find out more information about them, please contact us.

To find a group that meets in your area, click here.  

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